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Introducing: Fitflop Kids




Introducing: Fitflop Kids


Dr Kim Lilley answers all your questions on our new kids’ launch.

Little feet need TLC, so we’ve introduced iQushion™ Kids tech. Two years in the making and specifically engineered for growing feet, our new children’s sandals (in toddler and junior versions) have wider, lower, stable soles to help feet develop naturally – a must when it comes to toddlers and junior footwear.

To help answer your questions about the collection, we spoke to our Head of Research and Development, Dr Kim Lilley:


Why did you do a kids' range?


We spent many hours engineering shoes for adults using a huge expanse of scientific input. We wanted to therefore take this knowledge and create shoes engineered for children. It’s about letting kids be kids, adding in the fun factor with a bunch of gorgeous bright colours, but with the all-important tech they need.


Your adult styles all have specific technologies built in. Are there any tech features in the kids’ range too?  


The tech is a kids' version of iQushion™, meaning it's specifically engineered for growing feet. We spent two years understanding the stages of development and created junior sandals designed to nurture little feet.


The shoes have wide, low, and stable soles, so little feet have more freedom to move and space to grow. Plus, they are super light and flexible, so your kids' feet can move as naturally as possible and “feel” the ground underneath them. Overall, this will help kids with balance and coordination. 


Finally, we’ve made our kids' shoes with super soft yet durable high-rebound air-foam, to retain cushioning, as well as slip-resistant bottoms – something most parents will agree is an important addition! And, of course, they are waterproof, so kids can just get on with enjoying themselves.

FitFlop Kids Sandals
FitFlop Kids Sandals
FitFlop Kids Sandals

What is different about designing kids’ shoes vs. adults? What considerations do you need to make?

Creating shoes for little feet required a lot of scientific engineering to ensure we work with the stages of development and launch products that will nurture growth. We don’t over prescribe the shoes, in other words, we don’t add too much arch or lateral support. And we don’t add too much pitch from heel to toe. This ensures children's feet are able to develop naturally without being overly restricted.


Do you test your kids’ shoes in the same way as adults? 

Yes and no. We tested our children’s shoes all the way through the development stages in the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary, the same centre where we test our adults shoes. However, the test protocol was slightly different. We wanted to capture children in their natural movement paths, such as running, jumping, playing, etc, and also focussed on safety elements, such as trip hazards.


What do FitFlop Kids do that other kids’ shoes don’t?


Many shoe brands just offer products that are take-down versions of the adult styles. We started with kids and created shoes specifically designed for children to support natural development. It’s pretty special. In these shoes, kids should feel safe, secure, and full of energy – and almost as if they aren’t wearing the shoes at all! 


Can we expect more styles from FitFlop Kids?


I would imagine so… keep an eye out!


Do you have any more questions for Dr Kim? Shop our kids’ shoes range, for juniors and toddlers.



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