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Ergonomic Shoes: Explained




Ergonomic Shoes Explained


Dr Kim Lilley reveals everything you need to know


At FitFlop, we believe the right shoes can make or break your day. With people working longer, while also striving to maintain a healthy and social lifestyle, the need for ergonomic footwear is crucial. But what exactly does the term mean? Dr. Kim Lilley, our Head of Research and Development, provides the full lowdown.


What are ergonomic shoes?


Ergonomic shoes are designed to promote healthy and comfortable foot movement while providing support and stability for the feet, legs, and back. These types of shoes are specifically designed to reduce the stress and strain on the feet and lower limbs that can lead to foot injuries, fatigue, and other foot-related problems.


What are some features of ergonomic shoes?


The right cushioning in shoes is key. This will help absorb forces when your foot hits the ground, thereby reducing the impact on the feet and lower limbs. You want ergonomic shoes to be breathable and flexible too, to allow natural movement, and lightweight, to further reduce any strain on your muscles, causing you to tire out. 



Who are ergonomic shoes for, and what are their health benefits?


Ergonomic shoes can benefit anyone who wants to protect their feet and promote healthy foot movement, whether they are athletes, professionals, or just looking for comfortable and supportive footwear. 


It’s great for people who are on their feet all day (like healthcare professionals, retail workers, and teachers), as ergonomic shoes can help improve posture and reduce stress on the joints. Overall, ergonomic shoes can improve foot health, comfort, and wellbeing by providing the right support and cushioning for your feet.


What are some examples of ergonomic shoes?


At FitFlop, we’re pretty unique, as we make all of our shoes ergonomic, no matter what the design is – wellies, sneakers, ballerinas, and so on. That means you can find everything from ergonomic work shoes – great if you have a job that requires standing or walking for long periods since ergonomic shoes can help reduce foot fatigue and discomfort – to ergonomic athletic shoes and outdoor footwear, designed to provide support and stability during physical activity. 


Feeling inspired? Take a look at some of our ergonomic women’s and men’s styles. 


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