Counterfeit information

Take care online to make sure you only ever buy genuine FITFLOP footwear.

We don’t sell our products on websites with words like ‘discount’, ‘cheap’, ‘sale’, ‘store’, ‘shop’, ‘sandals’, ‘shoes’ etc. in the domain name. Avoid using these same words in searches online as they will generally link through to counterfeit websites.

Please make sure you stick to buying from or our official outlets and official marketplace stores:

FitFlop Singapore @ Lazada
FitFlop Singapore @ Shopee
FitFlop Singapore @ Zalora

If you're buying online you can make some checks first:

  • Look for clear signs that you are buying from a reputable company.
  • Does the website look secure?
  • Do they have clear privacy and returns policies?
  • Do some detective work - call them, search online to see if other customers have left reviews or comments about the company.
  • Ultimately, trust your common sense; if you are in doubt, don't buy. 


Shop safely and avoid the risks of: 

  • Receiving inferior unauthorised goods 
  • Paying for items you may never receive
  • Receiving items which do not match your choice or description
  • Long delays or problems with the seller
  • Poor or no after sales service
  • Fraudulent use of your credit details 
  • Identity theft

Buyer beware - If an offer looks too good to be true it generally is.

If you think you have purchased counterfeit goods you can: 

  • Contact the seller without delay for a refund. 
  • If you paid by credit card, you may be able to get a partial or full refund from your bank or the website.
  • Notify us. Unfortunately, we can’t compensate for purchases of fake goods.

Still have a question? We'd be happy to help. Please fill up the contact form here.